“Legendary Restaurants of Louisville”

Kunz’s, Cunningham’s, and Mike Linnings are all part of the celebrated dining heritage of the city. Many fabulous restaurants are now long since gone but Steve brings these memories back from yesteryear.

“Ghosts & Urban Legends: Legendary Tall Tales in Louisville History”

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Pope Lick Trestle ‘Goat Man’, and the Seelbach’s ‘Blue Lady’ are some of the captivating surreal stories that Steve will explore in this reality-defying presentation.

“Lost Louisville”

Many beautiful landmarks have been demolished. The Rialto, the Old Post Office, and the Columbia Building have all been removed. Revisit these distinctive structures and find out why they were razed and what replaced them.

“Unbuilt Louisville”

Since Louisville was founded, projects have been proposed but never built for one reason or another. Flying duck over the river, numerous high-rises, and towering sculptures: learn about some of the major unrealized dreams of the city.

“Legends of Louisville”

Col. Harlan Sanders, the Hill Sisters, and Muhammad Ali are several of the fascinating personalities that make up Louisville lore. Who lived where and did what in this historical bio talk.

“Lincoln’s Louisville: Local Influences that Altered American History”

While Abraham Lincoln only spent 3 weeks in Louisville during 1841, there are numerous connections to him throughout the city. Many little known local facts as well as notable Louisville friends of Lincoln are highlighted.

“Louisville 2035”

How will our city change over the next 25 years? Find out Steve’s view in this fast paced illustrative talk.

“Why is First Street the FIRST street? History of Louisville’s street names”

Jefferson, Guthrie, Preston, etc., are several of the famous names on Louisville streets. This presentation will bring to life the personalities of our road names.

“Scenic Landscapes of Louisville”:

beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces in metro Louisville.

“Wildlife of Kentucky”

Birds of prey, coyotes, elk, and bats are featured in this look at the animals and birds that call Kentucky home.

“Thomas Jefferson in Jefferson County”

There are 26 Jefferson Counties in the U. S., but only Jefferson County, Kentucky has more references to our 2nd President and is more than just a name. Find out these local connections to Thomas Jefferson in this pictorial journey around town.

“Kentucky Derby: History of the Greatest Two Minutes in Sports”:

Steve gives the background on how the Kentucky Derby has evolved into the major national event it is today.

“Kentucky Tapestry”

Daniel Boone, State Parks, Mammoth Cave, and Shaker architecture are some Steve’s topics in this fascinating talk on the personalities and landmarks that weave a wonderful composition that is Kentucky. Louisville’s Outdoor Art: Throughout the city there are remarkable sculptures and compositions that delight and enhance our environment. Steve will discuss these interesting designs, the artists, and stories behind their creation.

“Before Olmsted: Inspiration behind Louisville’s Olmsted Park System”

Prior to Frederick Law Olmsted’s arrival in 1891, there was planning and strategy by Louisville’s civic leadership to implement the city’s wonderful parks system. Find out the who, what, when, and why in this fascinating talk.

“Cave Hill Cemetery”

This scenic, historic cemetery is featured with an illustrative discussion of the famous people, decorative monuments, and other interesting aspects. Steve is the tour guide at Cave Hill and has been leading tours for over 20 years.

Cave Hill Cemetery’s Modern Monuments:

In the past few decades, there have been many beautiful contemporary grave markers installed in Cave Hill Cemetery. Steve will provide an informative photo journey to view these unique works of memorial art.

African American History of Louisville:

Muhammad Ali, Slavery, Samuel Plato, Walnut Street, York, Quinn Chapel Church, etc.: this presentation highlights the remarkable black heritage of Louisville.

“Louisville’s Worship Spaces”

Featuring the beautiful religious structures of the city, Steve provides the history and images of area churches.

‘Lincoln Slept Here: Presidential History in Louisville’:

While George Washington never slept here, many U S Presidents have. Find out interesting tales of their visits.

“Overshadowed Greatness: Louisville’s Role in Winning the Civil War”:

Steve highlights Louisville’s Union connections to the Civil War which have been forgotten over time.

“Legendary Saturday’s in downtown Louisville”

Shopping, movies, restaurants, etc., were the fun and enjoyable things to do on a Saturday in the mid-20th century in downtown Louisville. Steve recalls the heyday of downtown activities with this nostalgic talk on a memorable time in Louisville history.

“Louisville Tapestry: People & Places that helped create America’s Most Livable City”                                        

Steve provides a visual presentation of his most recent book by the same name.

"Louisville: Then & Now "

Images of how Louisville appeared over the past 100 years as compared to what these same locations look like today. Fascinating juxtaposition of how the streetscape and culture have changed.

“Historic Houses of Louisville”

This talk features the individuals and events that chronicle the history of Louisville through 45 houses in the metro region.

“Distinctive Houses of Louisville”

Louisville always rates very high as a great place to live. This presentation will highlight some of the great houses to live here in Louisville.


Famous movies and Hollywood stars connected to Louisville (and Kentucky)

“Historic Movie Theaters of Louisville”:

Louisville once had dozens of movie theaters scattered throughout the metro region. Each neighborhood had at least one theater where the residents would go see the latest Hollywood production. Steve will take you back to that time when walking to the theater was commonplace and parents didn’t need to worry about a film’s rating.

Talks by Steve Wiser   Last Updated: 2-02-2014

The following are the talks that Steve Wiser can provide to civic groups. Steve can also speak on suggested topics as well. All of Steve’s talks are accompanied by a photos and graphics in Power Point visual projection. To contact Steve to schedule a presentation, email him at WiserAIA@Hotmail.com              To download a PDF version of the list below, click on this button:

Talks by Steve Wiser

Provided below is a list of numerous topics that historian and author Steve Wiser can speak about.  His talks feature Lousivlle history and architecture.

All of his talks include a power point presentation, with many images of the subject matter.  Steve likes to give an engaging, informative talk without being 'boring' or too detailed.  No one falls asleep during Steve's presentations!

Steve normally brings his laptop and digital projector. He prefers if the meeting room already has a projection screen, but if not, he can provide one.

As to an 'honorarium', this depends on the type of talk and groups scheduling the program.  So, Steve is flexible regarding any monetary stipend for his talks.  He does though seek to sell his books afterwards.


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“Louisville Development History”

How did Louisville evolve into the city in which it now is? This pictorial journey will start at the beginning and provide a photo description of steamboats, railroads, cars, airplanes and more!

“Green Future from the Past”

Why saving and renovating historic buildings is a sustainable, energy-efficient, and economically beneficial design and construction process for cities.

“Tips for Weight Loss”

Steve has lost 30 pounds in a year and is a KOPS in the TOPS organization. Learn his weight loss tips along with what is a KOPS & TOPS in this healthy lifestyle program.

“Tips to Enjoy Hiking”

One of Steve’s fun things to do is hike within Kentucky and southern Indiana’s scenic parks and environments. While he is no pro, he can share his approach to getting the most from your hiking experience. This talk will explore the type of gear to use and the beautiful trails to hike, among other tidbits.