Puzzling History: Piecing Together Famous Places & Names  The Floyd, Breckinridge, and Caldwell families were short-lived, but left a lasting legacy on various locations here in Louisville. This article traces the property and landmarks connected to these notable names. 

House Research Tips :  Here are Steve's suggestions for researching a house history.


"The High Line" book review, 8-25-2012: New York City's 'High Line' linear park is one of that city's coolest places to visit.

Satellite View of Louisville, 1--2012: How Louisville's growth be be interpreted from 10,000 feet

Water Tower Landmark Design, 1-2-2012: The Water Tower is one of Louisville's iconic architectural landmarks


Naming the new bridge  Steve offers his suggestions to name the new bridges over the Ohio River

Origins of Louisville's Olmsted Parks, 11-09-2013: Book review of how Louisville's scenic landscape was developed. This was the late local historian Sam Thomas' last book.

Devaluing Louisville: the Hikes House Demolition, 8-31-2013:  the historic Hike House at Bardstown Road and Hikes Lane was razed with no improvement proposed.

Louisville's Gettysburg Hero, 7-3-2013: If it weren't for Andrews Cowan's heroics, the Civil War might have had a different conclusion. Cowan relocated to Louisville after the war and helped establish Louisville's Olmsted Parks system. Here is another format of this same article with photos: Click Here to View

Distinctive Designs Improve Louisville, 3-29-2013: Making Louisville a better place in which to live should be the goal of every construction project


Beginning of the End of the Civil War March 19, 1864 - This is a little known story involving Louisville, Gen. U S Grant, and Gen. William T Sherman and planning for how to conclude the Civil War.

Confederate Soldier Memorial -  Perhaps Louisville's most controversial public sculpture, this article explores the history and design of this infamous statue.

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