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Haunted Houses of Louisville:

100 pages; all color; soft cover; $18 includes S & H. Description: 'Do You Believe in Ghosts?' Almost half of the population thinks some unexplained 'spooky' things do happen. To explore this phenomena in Louisville, local architect and historian Steve Wiser has authored this book on some of the best known ghost-related occurrences in the metro region. And, he not only features the ghosts that haunt these places, but also the history behind these locations. So, even though you might not believe in ghosts, you will still enjoy learning about all the fascinating heritage of Louisville. This book is informative on both the known - and unknown - history of Louisville!

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Modern Houses of Louisville

120 pages; all color; hard cover; $25 includes S & H.

Description:  Louisville has many artistic and aesthetically-innovative residences. But, they are scattered throughout the metro region.  Steve has researched and documented these fascinating homes, along with beautiful photographs by Dan Madryga.  If you like fascinating architecture and Louisville as a place to live, then you'll love this book!

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